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Welcome to Tantra Massage LA

Relax to a Tantra Massage from an experience giver in Los Angeles


*Goddess Xlandia*

(310) 774-7334


A Tantra Massage is designed to help men, woman and couples seeking higher knowledge of energy transmutation for the purpose of spiritual and emotional advancement, release stress and to enhance and prolong passion and pleasure.


Welcome To Tantra-Sensual

Explore with Goddess Xlandia a tantric-sensual journey into the joys of limitless bliss; release physical and emotional blocks?I will be your High Priestess and guide through your experience of surrender of all earthly boundaries. I have traveled extensively…….from Bora Bora to Africa?.Europe and Asia?.Israel and Greece? studied with the sensual Grecian Goddess's of Santorini and have practiced the Art of Sacred Tantra for many years………through my studies I have learned healing and spirituality through sensual-love and awakening. I offer my special and safe Tantric Sanctuary for our healing mind/body/spiritual sessions. I will guide you in your awakening of your inner secrets of love and passion through breath, touch, mind clearing and connectivity to the sacred, sensual soul.

My Tantra Massage experience is a combination of many techniques using 'sensate focus' methods designed to create total relaxation, surrender and high states of sensual pleasure and awareness.

Receive the knowledge to channel your sexual energy and activate the body's Chakras, harnessing, opening and building your erotic pleasure centers, you will learn how to prolong your pleasure for hours, or even days. With my loving guidance and caressing touch you will relax in the warm bath of awakening while you allow the journey into your inner soul begin. I invite you to surrender your body to the touch of my gentle, loving, healing hands.

Be transformed with Tantra Sensual Massage
Learning to allow yourself to receive pleasure is the art of giving the giver the true joy of giving. I will teach you the techniques of the true Tantric Goddess's, no fear, no inhibition, only the desire to learn the secrets of Tantra Sensual and transform sexual energy into spiritual ECSTASY.

By Appointment Only.

Goddess offerings are lovingly accepted!

*My Goddess sisters are also available for Double Tantra Sensual sessions (and instruction) with advance notice.

E-Mail to:

Goddess Xlandia
(310) 774-7334

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Tantra as it is defined here

Tantra as it is defined here (tŭn´tre)in both Hinduism and Buddhism, esoteric tradition of ritual and Tantra yoga Massage known for elaborate use of mantra , or symbolic speech, and mandala , or symbolic diagrams; the importance of female deities, or Shakti ; cremation-ground practices such as meditation on corpses; and, more so in Hindu than in Buddhist tantra, the ritual use of wine, meat, and sexual intercourse.

Explore Tantric Massage Practice Meditation

Tantric practices use both ritual and meditation to unify the devotee with the chosen deity.

In Hindu Tantra, practice is graded into three types,
corresponding to three classes of devotees: the animal, i.e., those in whom the guna, or quality, of tamas (darkness) predominates; the heroic, those in whom the guna of rajas (activity) predominates; and the divine, those in whom sattva (goodness) predominates (see Hindu philosophy ).

The Heroic Tantra entails five elements of Massage

The practice of the heroic devotee entails actual use of the five elements, called the five m 's: fish ( matsya ), meat ( mamsa ), wine ( madya ), aphrodisiac cereals ( mudra ), and sexual intercourse ( maithuna ). The animal devotee, not yet ready for the heroic practice, performs the rituals with material symbols; for the divine devotee the rituals are purely internal and symbolic. The object of the rituals, attainable only by the divine devotee, is to awaken kundalini energy, which is identified with Shakti, and merge with the Godhead. In Buddhist Tantra, or Vajrayana, in contrast to the Hindu, the female principle of “wisdom?( prajna ) is seen as static, whereas the male, or “means?( upaya ), is active. In Buddhism, rituals that appear to break basic moral precepts have for the most part been dropped, but the complex meditation practices have been retained.

Massage Los Angeles sessions

Why get a massage today. Doctors recommend you have a massage at least once a month. Is there anything else to say beyond that? The benefits of a massage include

  •  Increased circulation

  • Allowing the body more oxygen to circulate

  • More nutrients flows into vital organs

  • Relaxes the bodies muscles

  • Softens old injuries and overused muscles

Tantra like Yoga or Zen, is a path to enlightenment, which has its roots in India. It is nicknamed the "science of ecstasy" and focuses on heightening and prolonging the special awareness and rapport that exists between lovers during lovemaking. This view holds that the greatest source of energy in the universe is sexual, and places high value on ritualized intercourse. Sexual orgasm is seen as a cosmic and divine experience.

Tantric philosophy also teaches that everything is to be experienced playfully, yet with awareness and a sense of sacredness in every gesture, every sensory perception, and every action. The path of Tantra is a spiritual one, which includes and appreciates the experience of our sexuality and sensuality as a conscious meditation, as a flowing together of the physical, erotic and cosmic energies.

The art of prolonging the pleasures of lovemaking without reaching orgasm is described in the Kama Sutra, the Hindu sex manual written in the 4th century. "Karezza" is the term used to define a male's practice of pleasuring his partner and prolonging their intercourse by perpetuating his state of climax without actually ejaculating. These so called "dry orgasms", orgasms without ejaculation, are pleasurable, and still allow the sexual act to continue. The art of Karezza incorporates breathing control, meditation, work with postures, and finger pressure into the sexual act. Though sexually biased in its description as written (remember it was the 4th Century), the original focus of Karezza, prolonging the state of climax for a couple's mutual enjoyment, easily translates to both partners actively participating in learning to prolong their enjoyment before reaching orgasm.

Massage Control using Tantra Techniques

Tantra in Los Angeles Massage

using Tantra to relax

Tantra Massage Los Angeles offer

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